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June 16, 2017
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Are you worried that your uncomfortable bathroom experiences could be due to hemorrhoids?hemorrhoids

Noticing bright blood on your toilet paper when you wipe can be a bit unnerving, but before you panic it’s important to know that it could just be hemorrhoids. This is a common condition that causes veins in the anus and rectum to become swollen, which is one of the number one reasons for rectal bleeding. Our Martinsburg, WV, gastroenterologist, Dr. Shahin Rahimian, is here to provide some information into the most common symptoms associated with hemorrhoids:

  • Pain when passing stools
  • Bright red blood on toilet paper
  • Discomfort or itching around the rectum
  • Anal swelling

There are two different kinds of hemorrhoids: internal and external. External hemorrhoids tend to be the most common and are usually the ones that cause discomfort, itching and bleeding. Internal hemorrhoids can often go unnoticed.

When You Should See a Doctor

While hemorrhoids aren’t anything to be concerned about, it’s always a good idea to know when it’s time to see our Martinsburg GI specialist for care. After all, if you are experiencing rectal bleeding there are a ton of other issues, both minor and more serious, that could be causing your issues. So you can’t assume that your symptoms are due to hemorrhoids. If you are noticing bleeding or rectal pain, particularly during bowel movements, then it’s a good idea to give us a call and schedule an appointment.

If you also notice changes in your bowel movements, either in consistency or frequency, this is another reason to visit us. In most cases, a physical examination is usually all we need to make a definitive diagnosis of hemorrhoids.

If you aren’t noticing any relief from your hemorrhoid symptoms then it might be time to give us a call and find out what we can do to better manage your issues. Panhandle Gastroenterology in Martinsburg, WV, is here for you for everything from minor discomforts to serious gastrointestinal problems. Turn to us for care you can always trust.

By Panhandle Gastroenterology
April 12, 2017
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Discover the purpose of an endoscopy and why it’s recommended.endoscopy

Are you dealing with digestive issues? Have digestive symptoms been plaguing you for a while? Then our Martinsburg, WV, gastroenterologist Dr. Shahin Rahimian might recommend getting an endoscopy. While the name alone may have you a bit on edge, it’s actually nothing to worry about. An endoscopy is a great diagnostic tool for checking the health of your digestive system, and it could be exactly what you need to get to the bottom of your symptoms. Our GI doctor in Martinsburg, WV, might recommend getting this painless procedure done if:

  • There are certain digestive symptoms of which we can’t determine the cause
  • To see how a preexisting digestive problem is responding to certain treatments
  • To detect cancer
  • To determine the proper region to perform a biopsy within the digestive tract
  • To remove polyps or other growths
  • To detect inflammation and ulcers
  • To detect intestinal bleeding and to stop the bleeding

While many people may wonder why they just can’t get an x-ray to diagnose their issues, there is really no better way to diagnose a gastrointestinal condition than with an endoscopy. Sure, it is a bit more invasive than a standard x-ray but our Martinsburg, WV, GI doctor will be able to get a better idea of what’s going on with your GI tract and the symptoms you are experiencing.

If you are dealing with any of these symptoms below it’s a good time to give us a call and schedule an appointment so we can determine what’s going on:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloody stools
  • Vomiting blood
  • Fatigue
  • Anemia
  • Weakness

There are many problems that could be causing your gastrointestinal symptoms, which is why you should come in as soon as possible for treatment. Some causes include:

  • Gastritis (stomach lining inflammation)
  • Irritable bowel disease
  • Diverticulosis
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Polyps
  • Angiodysplasia (one of the most common causes of gastrointestinal bleeding)

Panhandle Gastroenterology in Martinsburg, WV, is here for you whenever digestive issues happen. Don’t ignore stomach pains or other problems. Get the answers you need. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

By Panhandle Gastroenterology
February 21, 2017
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A colonoscopy is an important medical procedure that examines the colon in order to look for various problems within the colonoscopygastrointestinal tract. Generally, it is used to screen for colon cancer. Those in Martinsburg, WV, in good health and no family history of colon cancer should have their first colonoscopy exam at age 50. Your gastroenterologist Dr. Shahin Rahimian at Panhandle Gastroenterology can help you determine when your first colonoscopy procedure should be performed.

About the Colonoscopy Procedure

A colonoscopy is performed with a colonoscope, a flexible tube with a tiny camera at the end. This device is inserted into the colon through the anus. The camera allows Dr. Rahimian to observe the interior of the colon. If he does find any suspicious areas are detected, he can use the colonoscope itself to extract a sample for biopsy. If any polyps are found, they can also be removed during a colonoscopy procedure by your Martinsburg gastroenterologist as they can develop into cancer.

While most people should start having this procedure at age 50, there are other who should have it at a younger age. For instance, those with a family history of colon cancer should have one by the age of 40. For those with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, an exam may be advised before the age of 40. If you are suffering from gastrointestinal problems, a colonoscopy can be used to determine the cause of your gastrointestinal issues.

For those needing this important medical procedure, they should consider scheduling their colonoscopy in Martinsburg, WV with Dr. Rahimian at Panhandle Gastroenterology. This test can help determine the cause of countless different gastrointestinal problems. By discovering these conditions, he can offer helpful solutions and treatment options to help improve your quality of life. To schedule this important medical procedure today, call (304) 260-0160.

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October 24, 2016
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